Now open and accepting new students!If interested, please reach out, fill out the free trial, or just come in before class. Can't wait to see you on the mats!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Welcome to Dahlonega BJJ! We are thrilled to announce that the doors are open and we are accepting new students! For those of you in Dahlonega and the surrounding area, we happily invite you to come enjoy the mats with us. We can't wait to bring our passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the community.

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Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Have any more questions? Reach out to us and we'll glady answer any of your questions or concerns.

Get in shape
Improve your overall fitness and lose weight.
Relieve stress
BJJ is an intense workout that can help you release stress and tension.
Boost your focus and discipline
The concentration and attention to detail required, will teach you to stay focused and disciplined in other areas of your life.
Build self-confidence
BJJ can help you feel empowered and self-assured.
Learn effective self-defense
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a proven self-defense system that can help you protect yourself in real-world situations. Based on the principles of leverage, angles, and momentum; BJJ is the only grappling art in which a smaller individual can learn to contend with a larger, stronger person.
Join a supportive community
One of the biggest benefits to jiu jitsu is the camaraderie and friendship among practitioners. The community you build together and the lasting friendships will transcend the moments on the mats.
Improve your mental health
Through the combination of physical activity, self confidence, and a sense of community, many often find a huge reduction in anxiety, depression, chronic stress and an overall more positive mental disposition in everyday life.
Increase your flexibility
Often joked of as involuntary yoga, you will definitely increase your flexibility, reducing your risk of injury.
Improve your balance and coordination
At first, people often feel like they aren't “athletic” or “agile”. I promise, you will become more balanced and coordinated, making you more efficient in everyday life.

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